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APEX Rat removal near memphis,TN

Rats and Mice don’t add much to the family photo album! If you’re serious about finally getting rid of your rat or mouse problem give us a call. We do NOT toss out poison and pray it works! We want to solve your problem for good.

On the other hand, if you have already used poison and unfortunately IT WORKED but now you have an awful smell - our technicians have a trained super nose! We will sniff out the critter and remove it whenever possible. After all we are there to fix things not create a new problem.

We will work hard to make sure your problem is solved!

Common noises a mouse or rat may make would be scratching, clawing, or running around at 2 am.

Often times a rat or mouse will scratch in the same exact spot every time. If there are enough of them you might hear running around noises like a football game is going on (with little players, that is).

Cats can't keep up with rat control we need an expert rat removal pest professional

Cats love to help with rat and mouse control! They just can’t keep up!

Rats and mice can reproduce so fast even kitty can’t keep up. This is why we recommend to hire a trapper - forget the poisons as the answer. To truly get rid of mice for good you need an integrated approach. We tackle tough jobs and work hard to get you the best result possible.

Let face it if your home is rotting and full of holes we can only do so much but if you have rats or mice we can probably see 100% success.

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