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Memphis Squirrel removal Roof damage memphis squirrel repairs squirrel removed from attic

Squirrels in an attic - can it be solved?

YES! We trap and remove them often.

We may have a few questions.

Noises in the attic in the morning?

Noises at night?

Does it sound like a football game going on in there?

Squirrels chew wires and have even caused fires! We are experts at removing squirrels and pride ourselves on a job well done!

You may have a few questions.

How much does it cost to trap a squirrel?

How do you  fix the holes?

Don’t worry we have the answers to your squirrel problem but we will probably need to go look at your roof line and maybe the attic to determine what we will need to do to solve your squirrel problem.

A squirrel entry may be easy to spot! This entry point could be for just about anything! A squirrel would have no problem gaining access here!

Sometimes a squirrel hole is very hard to find - and that’s where we really shine!

We work hard to find all points of entry - even potential future spots.

Damaged roof allows animal entry!

Squirrel damaging the insulation

Captured squirrel in a trap!