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Apex Wildlife Reserve consists of approximately 102 acres, and is located north of Memphis, Tennessee.

Portions of this land were at one time farmland. The property is now contracted to the government in a long-term lease, in a controlled wildlife habitat program. Another 126 acres are located nearby and plans are underway to convert a portion of this land into a wildlife habitat as well.

The reserve consists of timberland, smaller woodlands, a large creek, streams, three freshwater springs, and a large body of water for waterfowl and fish.

A variety of special plants and native grasses have been sown throughout to create habitat and food source for the many species of wildlife found there. Deer, raccoon, otter, mink, squirrel, wild turkey, rabbit, quail, beaver, fox, woodpeckers, waterfowl, and a host of other species make their home there.

Den trees are found throughout, and create ideal nesting sites for species that use hollow trees to raise their young. It is an excellent environment for all forms of wildlife due to the variety of landscapes, nesting areas, food and cover.

Often squirrels, raccoons and other species are fed by homeowners. They may become tame, but then tear into the attic or soffit of a home to raise their young. Too late the homeowner realizes the mistake of becoming too friendly with our furry friends.

Other times orphaned animals are found by homeowners and grow up too tame to release nearby. On rare occasions, exotic animals such as an albino squirrel, otter, muskrat or raccoon may be caught, or an injured animal may have been rehabilitated and needs a home.

Homeowners may have a serious problem with a particular animal, but do not want to see the animal(s) harmed, but if released nearby, it would return. All these situations are instances where wildlife may be relocated to APEX Wildlife Reserve.

There they can live in nature, safe from domestic pets and where they are no longer a problem to homeowners.

Unlike most wildlife control companies…