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Bees are our specialty! There are many kinds of bee problems and we can get rid of your bee problem no matter what!

Memphis Honeybee removal I am looking for a bee removal expert near memphis, TN I am looking for a bee man near memphis TN

Honey bee removal is not only dangerous but outright hard sometimes and yet we enjoy it. If a swarm of bees goes into the wall - DO NOT SPRAY it - you could cause an even bigger problem as the bees invade the interior of the home rather than just the wall void. Let a pro remove it, because it only takes an average of 500 stings to kill a grown man. Did you know a beehive can have 15- 30 thousand bees in it?

If you see a swarm land on a tree or bush in your yard, they may leave but them again they may go into the wall void of your roof line. Give us a call to assess the situation. We are experienced bee removal experts. You do not want a pest control company to come out and spray them. This often leads to MORE problems rather than fixing it.

Close up of honey comb Honey Comb removal - Memphis TN Looking for a bee man near germantown