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Animal bites can be extremely painful and leave scars. When disturbed, Yellow Jackets will sting over and over, sometimes causing death. Even someone who is not allergic to bee stings can suffer serious injury from a swarm of bees agitated by a lawn mower or other disturbance. If you find a snake like a constrictor Never grab a it by the head, even a pet snake will react! Leave the tough jobs to the professionals. Call us for help!

common house cat - memphis cats Honey bee removal in memphis TN

Snakes are Venomous NOT poisonous!

Snakes that inject toxins are venomous - things that you touch like plants are “poisonous”

Feral cats can carry many diseases due to their diet of rats,birds, and and mice.

Honeybees are normally a very passive critter. It is a nice thing to see in the garden but -

Numbering in the thousands, they can inflict fatal injuries when disturbed!

Raccoons normally run and hide but if cornered with young - a protective mother can get quite nasty.

If you have a raccoon in your attic do not attempt to remove it by hand, that’s just crazy, let a pro handle it