Frequently Asked Wildlife Control Questions

Q: Is APEX a government agency?

A: No. We are a privately owned company. Our company has been licensed and approved by the State Wildlife Agency to control nuisance wildlife. APEX also has state and local business licenses.

Q: Is APEX a pest control company?

A: No. We are a wildlife control company. Although nuisance wildlife may be defined as a "pest", we do not deal with termites and typical insect problems. However, we do offer service for the removal of bees, including cutting into walls for honeycomb removal to prevent rot. Our primary concern is the removal of wildlife from homes, businesses, and other locations, and in the resolution of conflicts.

Q: Does APEX offer services for domesticated animals such as dogs and cats?

A: We are not the dog pound or the Humane Society. We do not deal with conflicts involving a neighbor's dog running loose in your yard, or lost pets. However, we do regret any lost pet, and will gladly direct you to the agency that handles these types of problems. There may be times when a home or business needs feral cats or dogs removed. If asked, APEX will capture these animals, but there will be a charge for the service

Q: What is the cost for wildlife removal and repairs?

A: All jobs are different. Prices may vary depending upon the length of service, the degree of difficulty, the size of the job, and the element of danger involved. For example, the cost of a one time animal removal job would be much less than a trapping job lasting several weeks. Repairs and exclusion work for a large job would obviously be much more than repairing a small job. Costs can range from a minimal fee to several hundred dollars, depending upon the factors already described. An inspection is required to give an accurate estimate.

“Call for quotes on guaranteed animal removal--you'll find us to be fair and professional.” - Charles Harris

Q: What animals does APEX remove, or offer services for?

A: Whatever gets in, or is creating a nuisance--in short, most species of wildlife. Some endangered species cannot be captured, or may require a special permit. Since we specialize in solving your problem, if a species cannot be captured, we will do whatever the job requires to deter the animal, or get approval to remove it, or deal with the regulatory agencies like State Wildlife Division to get an exemption. Laws are written to protect wildlife and people, however when it comes to your home or property, we believe people's needs take top priority.

Q: Does APEX guarantee animal removal from homes, and guarantee repair jobs?

A: Yes! If you hire APEX Wildlife Control, LLC, we guarantee wildlife removal. Then we will give you a written contract on the structure. We do the job right the first time. However, if re-entry occurs, we will not only remove the species, we will do the necessary repairs at no cost to you.

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