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woodpecker removal memphis

The Red-bellied Woodpecker seen here is often mistakenly called a red-headed woodpecker because the red on it’s belly is often difficult to see!

We follow all legal requirements to remove birds. In some cases we may not be able to help you in the way you would expect. Give us a call and we will determine at what level we can legally provide service.

Woodpecker damage to homes can be an expensive problem to let go on for long! Don’t let these birds ruin your investment. We can install barriers and protective netting to keep the birds from damaging your home.

Do plastic owls work? Nope - generally it is an ineffective as repellant you would do better to hang a pie-pan in the breeze because the reflective surface disorients the birds keeping them away! The pie-pan still has draw backs like it doesn’t work on a cloudy day

Applying a sticky or tacky repellant will disturb the bird.  This solution does not entrap the bird but rather the sticky surface annoys the bird as an uncomfortable place to land. However this is not always a perfect solution these substances may stain woodwork or run in high heat!

For a complete bird consultation give us a call!